I need a WP developer to build a site – like this

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  • Job Location: Australia
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Hi there,

I am in need of an experienced WordPress (theme?) developer to help me produce an interior design blog.
Ideally, you should be:
- Design savvy or at least have a good appreciation for design.
- Have experience and a good understanding with developing a WordPress theme.
- Able to deliver on agreed time line with efficiency.

The site should be like this:

I really like the minimalism of that site.

So I’ve mocked up a similar site from photoshop.



tdg_frontpage.jpg shows the main page

tdg_frontpage2.jpg shows an article page of a clicked subject.

generally, articles in descending order. menu buttons to appear white with black text when hovered over. search box on right. ads on right.

all graphics supplied by me. including logo.

so, there is no design from you.

you will only do the coding.

All makes clear sense? Pretty simple.

Send me a few sample sites you’ve worked on, and give me your QUOTE and est time turnaround.


How To Apply: