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This project is for a author who currently does in person and online writing workshops for Novels, Screenplays, and more.

His goal is to build a membership website that will be a hub for writers, and offer these members free access, as well as paid access to his online workshops.

The plans for this site have changed as we’ve progressed, but what we already have is…

Membership plugin for receiving payments and access to hidden content with some light customization
- members get access to online workshop information.
Community Writing Workshop plugin
- members do an exercise by answering 5 questions related to writing their story
- each question has a 5 minute timer
- users answers are saved and available to view, download, and share later
Custom post type for stories based off another website

Things yet to be completed:


We attempted to meet a deadline with an agrement that the design of the site could be worked on later in order to start with the latest online writing workshops.

Adding Content For other Workshops

Book Club
- based off buddypress groups
- members can start a book club where other members can meet regularly to discuss different books

Writing Group
- also based off buddypress groups
- members can start a writing group where other members can meet regularly in regard to different genres of writing.

- access to purchase Online Workshops, Audio Downloads, Merchandise, etc

Book Of The Month Feature
Writers Directory for jobs
Directory of Book Reading Events around the nation
Newsletter Integration

How To Apply: